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A CPD-certified seminar programme addressing the most current and pressing subjects in healthcare estates

We are now inviting submissions for 2020 healthcare buildings forum 19-20 March’s seminar programme on addressing the issues in healthcare estate development.

We welcome your suggestions on subjects affecting the design, build and management of the healthcare estates.

Please email a brief outline of your proposal to brittany@hb-forum.co.uk

Speakers at hbf 2020

Future of Healthcare design?

Sumita Singha, Director, Ecologic Architects.

In the 20th and 21st century, advances in medicine and care have resulted in the lengthening of lives. The ageing and growing populations, greater prevalence of chronic and lifestyle diseases, increasing mental health issues, with exponential advances in innovative, but costly, technologies—have also increased health care demand and expenditures. This has resulted in the neglect of the very buildings from which healthcare is delivered from. Further, the procurement of healthcare estates mired in bureaucracy and financial complexities that affect the work of architects and stifle creativity. This brings back the question of how to deliver good quality healthcare buildings that improve the health and wellbeing of all users- from patients to staff in the most economical and sustainable way. The answers could be surprisingly simple.

Public Sector Frameworks

Louise Matthews, Key Account Manager, Procure Partnerships Frameworks

The Procure Partnerships Framework pushes the boundaries of how procurement can support public sector bodies to deliver their strategic targets. The framework has been built to be flexible giving clients’ choice with single stage or two stage procurement options and up to 8 forms of call off contract. There is also no fee for public sector bodies across the UK to access the framework and clients are always in full control of each projects procurement process via their individual ‘Project Page’ hosted upon the ‘Procure Partnerships ePortal’

The Future Health Campus

Richard Darch, Chief Executive, Archus.

Richard Darch sets out a vision for the hospital of the future and introduces the idea of the health and wellness campus, describing it as something the public can really buy into and benefit from.

Eradicating the stigma associated with Dementia design

Becky Smith, Architect, Leonard Design Architects

Our speech will focus on the common dissatisfactions associated with the UK standard of dementia design and how a ‘one size solution’ (as is commonly reflective of most UK nursing homes) does not fit all. Using inspiration from the world’s most recognised award winning dementia villages and homes, we assess how the stigma associated with nursing homes can be eradicated to provide purpose built care environments which speak about life and living not simply about the demand for nursing beds. We will touch upon Church Farm Care’s model of living and dementia care and reflect how this is comparable to some of the world’s best examples.

Meeting healthcare’s carbon reduction target

Carl McKenzie, Principal, Elementa Consulting

The subject relates to global climate change and the devastating negative impact on human health due to predicted temperature rise.

Healthcare facilities and their associated sites / estates are unique in that they generally operate 24 hours a day for 365 days a year, and therefore have a higher utilization than most other building types. The World Health Organisation has set out a call for action from the healthcare sector, setting targets, which has influenced healthcare performance guidance and legislation.

The presentation examines the carbon emissions and energy utilisation targets from the UK and other regions, and the more recent recognition of a healthcare climate crisis. The presentation will review fabric energy performance, net zero hospitals, energy efficiency and the emerging field of whole life carbon in the drive to meet healthcare carbon reduction goal.

Introduction to Hybrid Cloud Video Security

Javier Carrillo Jr., Regional Sales Manager, EMEA, Verkada

Organisations are rapidly moving to the cloud to enable remote access, support greater scale and improve usability of video surveillance systems.

In this presentation, I’ll show how to deploy smart, cloud-based video surveillance so simple and scalable that it works for everyone at your organisation.

BIM & Digitized Smart Building Solutions

Karl Redmond, Strategic Estates Lead, NHSI/E

Client opinion into BIM & Digitized Smart Building Solutions. Conflict, confusion and understanding in the ranks of the healthcare profession; why people might be reticent and what is needed to ensure that it is used in practice more extensively. The benefits of the use of end-to-end digital solutions starting with BIM “Starting with the end in mind”, via multi-functional models including: smart enterprise asset management; workforce capacity planning; patient flow; equipment monitoring; procurement; finance; SLA management & sustainability. Explaining the “art of the here and now” and the vision developed on holistic thinking approaches.

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