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A CPD-certified seminar programme addressing the most current and pressing subjects in healthcare estates

Speakers at Live hbf 2021

Chairing the healthcare buildings forum

Simon Kydd, Director – Head of Healthcare, WSP

Simon is the UK Head of Healthcare at WSP, a leading international professional services company, providing services to all aspects of the built and natural environments.  WSP now deliver hospitals across the spectrum of professional services and currently delivering the design for a number of the current New Hospital Programme schemes.  He has spent the majority of his 24-year career in the healthcare sector, starting in the bidding of major PPP projects within the UK, and latterly across all areas of NHS built environment.  Simon’s strategic role allows him to stay at the forefront of the challenges facing NHS estates including MMC, Net Zero and Smart and provide integrated solutions to benefit patient, staff and the wider general public.

‘How to get the best out of clinical teams in the design process’

Alison Cann & Fiona Halstead, Clinical Compliance Specialist Nurses, Barts Health NHS Trust

Project teams often complain that clinicians are hard work – that they change their mind, don’t understand the process etc.   Sounds familiar?

We’re here to guide you through – a virtual ‘how to’ guide for working with health care staff.

‘Digital Estates – Delivering Objectives’

Karl Redmond, Strategic Estates Lead, NHS Estates

Digital Estates – supporting the call for care closer to home on a place-based level within ICS thinking. What can we learn from others, who might be spearheading new approaches and innovative ways of working? A high-level over-view of the ‘art of the achievable’ regarding New & Existing NHS physical assets and the technology / data needed to monitor; measure; manage and improve key target areas, utilising digital innovations and key principles in implementation.

‘‘Our Homes Within A Park’ – Proactive Delivery of the Health and Wellbeing Agenda in partnership with Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust’’

Paul Holt MCIOB, MBA, Director (Healthcare/Public Sector), MAC Construction Consultants

We present a dynamic investment strategy on behalf of our Client Step Places and their partners Alder Hey hospital. We explain how third party investment offers modern staff/patient accommodation/homes complimenting the Trusts ‘Hospital in the Park’ concept.

‘Standardised Hospital Design: Intelligent Hospitals’

Paul Sheldon, Principal Consultant Healthcare Planner, Archus Ltd

The Intelligent Hospitals Guidance is a set of four documents commissioned by NHS England in support of the New Hospitals Programme (formerly HIP). Document 2 – ‘Delivering Standardisation of Design and Healthcare Planning’ looks to provide a framework for development that focuses on standardisation across the whole hospital environment and within key departments. It is not a ‘one size fits all’ template, but a kit of parts approach to assembling a hospital from a set of standard elements that can be identified as rooms, clusters, zones and floorplates, using standardised room layouts that can be repeated into clusters, that can then be repeated to form departments, and so on.

‘Designing for Dementia with Creativity and Compassion’

Alison Cann, Clinical Compliance Specialist Nurse & Jessica Shiel, Vital Arts Manager, Barts Health NHS Trust

When designing clinical environments there is a great deal of miscommunication regarding what is appropriate for dementia patients. A focus on merely ‘ticking boxes’ can lead to poorly considered spaces which in turn, can negatively impact patient satisfaction, and make time spent in hospital less positive. We would like to advocate for an approach to dementia design which does not infantilise this patient group but empower them.

‘FleXX Hospital: Pandemic Resilience’

Dan Flower, Design Director & Sophie Crocker, Architect & Health Researcher, HKS Architects

Using real-world findings from the COVID-19 pandemic, the ‘FleXX hospital: surge scenario’ report is based on learnings from rapid adaptations that have been made to facilities in the UK and US during this pandemic.

The FleXX hospital principles aim to create flexible facilities that enable day-to-day operations to continue alongside a pandemic or other emergency scenario and reduce the negative impacts on wider public health.

In this presentation we will discuss the principles of designing for pandemic resilience and how these principles can also enable greater ease of change over the lifetime of a facility.

The cost benefit analysis of deigning with the FleXX principles will also be discussed.

‘Hybrid Cloud Security for Healthcare’

Luke Smith, Lead Solutions Engineer, EMEA, Verkada

A hybrid cloud video security solution allows healthcare professionals to easily manage site and patient safety, in a secure and scalable way, across all hospitals and care facilities. By introducing an intelligent solution that proactively alerts caregivers and personnel of unusual activity or events of interest, healthcare professionals can continue to provide the best in quality patient care. In this session, we’ll do a walkthrough of the top features that set modern smart solutions apart from legacy CCTV installs.

‘Controlling Indoor Air Quality Just Became Critical’

David Lilley, Strategic Projects & Partnerships Director, Estate Strategy Group

1. The challenge of indoor air quality – the health issues it causes in the UK (sourced research) 
2. How has the spread of Covid-19 occurred? Evidence-based examples
3. Aerosol spread – what do the experts say? Fact-based and referenced to credible sources
4. Government guidance for hospitals. Reference to the actual documentation 
5. Some of the challenges and solutions. Solutions linked to credible systematic reviews 
6. Air cleaning technology. The various options, the science and the efficacy  
7. An anonymous case study. We have one good client example that illustrates the real-life challenges being encountered. We need to remove the client’s name for sensitivity, but we can refer to the challenges 
8. Conclusions and recommendations. Supported by what qualified credible experts suggest.

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